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Hello Aries

Welcome to February 2023. This month will be super productive & I see you taking a no nonsense approach to your goals. Which is a good thing! However, it’s important for you to consider what comes FIRST. As the classic saying’s go, “Rome was not built in a day.”  Or “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife if you don’t have a house.” Ok, I came up with that last one! LOL Moral of the story, become more accepting of the stages of your journey. All things work in divine order! Don’t make anything more complicated than it needs to be.

Some of you may need to fill out an application for a program or complete a course to become certified in your trade. It’s not going to take you long to do. Stop making excuses. Knock it out so you can move forward!

There’s a strong energy around a down payment and a negotiation process this month. You’re being encouraged to negotiate due to something being priced too high. Particularly a vehicle or another big ticket item. Someone could also be making you a solid offer for a vehicle but you want more money. Unfortunately, you may not get what you feel the vehicle is worth. You could be stuck with it for 9 more weeks or 9 months at your current selling price. You still won’t get the full selling price. So if you actually need the money or could use it to invest in your next moves. Consider the solid offer being presented to you now.

Otherwise, February looks pretty good for you.


You and your partner may have an important financial decision to make. Consider how this may affect the both of you. One of you could pick up an extra gig through May to cover an added expense. On a lighter note, plans for a family vacation or baecation possible. Good news comes in on the 9th, 15th, 21st or 23rd. An invite could come in for a graduation, wedding, or party. Go and have a great time.


Most of you are focused on getting your shit together not Love. You could’ve recently moved into a new place or making upgrades to where you currently live. I do see you socializing more in person or expanding your reach on social media. As a result, you could meet a TAURUS ️ VIRGO ️ or CAPRICORN ️ of significance. Yet this doesn’t feel like a romantic relationship or the start of one in February. More like a cool person to know.

An EX could send a dry “What’s up Stranger?” text or a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Much Love,


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