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Welcome to February! The month of love, culture, new inventions, & networking. You are being encouraged to put yourself out there! Whether it be for business or pleasure. In some cases, BOTH! You are being recognized for your talent or expertise. Someone could ask you to be their mentor. If not a mentor, a close friend or family member May need your support during a rough time.

Expect surprise invites, dates & an increase to your income. This income increase could come by way of work you did 10 months ago or 10 years ago. Strong energy around settlement, severance and royalties checks.

You could also benefit from hosting or attending small intimate events. Livestreams on social media may be a hit or attract more viewers than usual. So be confident and go with the flow. Plans for a photoshoot may be in the works for this month or a later date.

Try to stay on top of your emails, calls and texts. Important information could also come through via mail. This may be a time sensitive matter. The earlier you respond, the better. Missing a deadline could delay your plans or a contract until May/August.

LOVE FOR COUPLES, you or a partner may begin discussing more serious plans for the future.  Strong energy around children, relocation or retirement. One of you may be hell bent on having things “my way or the highway.” However, this may not be the best month to force an issue or make a permanent decision. Especially if your partner is an ARIES ️, TAURUS ️, or PISCES ️.

An impromptu trip is possible within the first 10 days or last 10 days of the month. Getting there could be a hassle due to airline, weather or travel delays. Things get better at the destination itself. Try to take the time to solely enjoy one another. The business stuff can wait until you return back home.

LOVE FOR SINGLES, You are either ready for a more serious connection or at the very least mentally stimulating adult conversations. It’s been a struggle getting to know people. This could be due to your work schedule or social anxiety. You’re being encouraged to plan a day or night out a place you’ve always wanted to go. You may be pleasantly surprised by who you meet there.

Also, be open to an invite from a trusted friend or colleague. You could be introduced to a GEMINI ️, LIBRA ️ or AQUARIUS ️. ARIES ️, LEO ️, or SAGITTARIUS ️. This may lead to a new platonic or romantic relationship. Be confident. This person is going to LOVE your personality. You two could hit it off based on a hobby you have in common.

If you meet a new person while traveling, I get "small world" energy. You could meet a person who is from the same city you grew up in or they're currently living there for work. Possible signs, SAGITTARIUS ️, AQUARIUS ️, VIRGO ️, LIBRA ️.

Much Love,


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