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Connecting With The Hoodoo Tarot Deck.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

On my spiritual journey, I've had the wonderful experience of learning more about my lineage through traveling. Particularly when it comes to my Indigenous, Southern, Caribbean and African bloodlines. Some of my favorite places to visit are located between the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, the vibrant Gulf Coast of Mississippi, and the bayou's of Louisiana. The deep connection I share with these areas stem from My High Esteem Ancestors. Most of them called these areas home, and I always feel at home when I go visit.

The Hoodoo Tarot Deck, by Tayannah Lee McQuillar, gives me similar warm feelings of nostalgia. Every time I work with this deck, I feel as if I'm visiting with My Grandparents or other Elders. Although I do not always use or need tools of divination for connecting with My High Esteem Ancestors. This deck has become my favorite to use for personal and client Ancestor Readings.

Beautifully illustrated by Katelan V. Foisy, the artwork of this 78 card tarot deck makes a lasting impression. The realistic images help weave together pieces of symbolism and esoteric knowledge from Practitioners within the Hoodoo tradition.

In the book included with the tarot deck, Tayannah does a wonderful job of providing history, and wisdom on the heritage of Hoodoo. As well as go into vivid details regarding the different systems and forms of divination used in the tradition of Rootwork. In my opinion, the book is a valuable tool within itself. Not only does it provide the meanings of the tarot cards but it can also inspire you to explore your own heritage.

The Hoodoo Tarot Deck is a wonderful learning and divination tool. This deck will be particularly helpful for those who are in the beginning stages of connecting with their High Esteem Ancestors. As well as for those who are trying to gain more insight on day to day matters in life. I must advise you however, that this deck is very TRUTHFUL! STRAIGHT NO CHASER! So only seek what you're prepared to know!

From a tarot perspective, this deck is ideal for intermediate to experienced readers. If you're a beginner, I'd recommend taking time to truly study the book and deck. Perhaps starting with one card readings or by doing the sample spreads provided in the book. That way you can become familiar with the meanings of the cards and develop your own intuitive practice.

There is an overall magical and wise energy to this deck. No matter where you are on your divination journey, this deck is wonderful to connect with and worth adding to your collection.

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