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Hello Gemini

Welcome to February of 2023. This will be a SWEET month for you, if you allow it to be. Tell yourself the truth about what it is you want and how you’d like to FEEL. Please believe the UNIVERSE is listening. So it’s time to stop selling yourself short & SPEAK UP!

You could have lots of Deja Vu moments and heightened intuition this month. Dreams of a maternal ancestor are possible. You could also be making peace with how a situation that had you down in the dumps in 2022 played out. Possibly an agreement that slipped through the cracks with a SAGITTARIUS ️, LIBRA ️, or SCORPIO ️. Just know that putting your foot down or requesting what's rightfully yours doesn't make you "the bad guy."

Opportunities that you struggled with obtaining previously will seem to fall right into your lap during this time. Try not to second guess yourself too much. You deserve it all!

You could launch a new product, service, podcast, or make an important announcement. If you’ve been contemplating on how to promote a product. You’re being encouraged to go to the source. Your target audience!

Livestreams & social media post will help you gage where to start. You will receive lots of feedback, support and website traffic. Particularly from women. Strong energy around a PISCES ️, CANCER ️, SCORPIO ️, TAURUS ️, LIBRA ️ & VIRGO ️ woman.


You two will be showing each other lots of love and appreciation. Gifts and dates. If you two are a newer couple, you may make it social media official on Valentine’s Day. Others of you could become engaged or married this month. Congratulations!

On a less positive note, some of you could feel like a partner is stepping outside of the relationship. Their patterns have changed in recent weeks. Unfortunately, you are right.


A Water Or Earth Sign has been interested in you for a while now. They will be making their move this month. There could be some issues with actually going on a date due to your schedules. Strong energy around opposite shifts.

Others of you could meet someone through a mutual friend. You may not be overly attracted to them at first but you may give them your number anyway. This person may end up being a great friend to you in the long run.

Much Love,


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