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Welcome to February 2023. The energy this month brings forth for you is damn near therapeutic. You will be called to practice self care, prioritize your health & expand your wisdom. There could’ve recently been a close call health wise with someone you love or will be this month. So it will inspire you to stay healthy so you won’t have to get healthy.

There’s also something that you’re no longer addressing and making peace with it being exactly as it is. I just heard “believe what you want.” Which is usually code for, “I did whatever I’m being accused of.” However, in your case Taurus ️ there’s an energy around a person or people not being satisfied with THE TRUTH. The truth would make everyone accountable but it’s easier to put the blame ball in your court. You’re leaving it behind this month and I love that for you!

Otherwise, February looks like a solid fulfilling month that only gets better as it goes along. You can expect to finally see growth on a project or job that you’ve been working on since last summer/September. Your social media following will see an increase. You may even expand your content to include more wellness or holistic post/videos. If you normally post work or content that you do in a group. You’ll gain the confidence to post more of what you do solo.

If you were laid off or have been looking for a job. You may receive an offer from a company that you forgot you even applied to. Could be a VIRGO ️ or LEO ️ you interview with.


I see you and your partner trying to establish more of a routine. This may require you both to take the lead in some way. There’s an important milestone one or both of you would like to reach by the end of the month. At the latest by August or September. Make sure that you two are being honest and reasonable with your expectations of one another. Try not to be so focused on a goal or business that the romance suffers. Date nights are important and they don’t have to be super elaborate to be meaningful.

An open and honest discussion may need to be had regarding finances.


You have people interested in you but you give off “I don’t want to be bothered” energy most of the time. This could be due to a recent breakup or divorce. A confident LEO ️ or a VIRGO ️ may still shoot their shot though. You two could go on a date if you’re open to it.

I also get a theme where you’re either being approached by people who are significantly older or younger than you this month.

Much Love,


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