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Ways To Maximize Your Personal Tarot Reading Experience.

Being vulnerable isn't necessarily everyone's strong suit. Especially when it comes to matters we aren't sure of what to do. Telling someone our deepest feelings or fears can be a source of elevated anxiety. However, in order to get the most out of a personal tarot reading, being vulnerable and open with your tarot reader is key! The more open you are to sharing a few details and receiving intuitive guidance. The better your experience will be.

No, you don't have to tell your tarot reader your whole life story! In fact, I suggest that my client's only share details that are pertinent to the questions they have. Be very direct! Before booking a personal reading, take a few moments to consider what it is you'd like the most insight on. An experienced reader should be able to pick up on the surrounding energies in the reading. In my case, I am able to pick up on certain energies and details intuitively prior to the reading most of the time.

Never assume all tarot readers will automatically be able to read your mind and be able to magically answer the questions you have. Particularly in readings that you are able to ask questions for and you don't ask any. Not every tarot reader has the gift of intuitive guidance and spiritual awareness. Therefore, some people find themselves disappointed when they let a tarot reader "freestyle" read them. A tarot reader may pick up on everything else except the issue they were having in the first place. In some cases, the tarot reader is completely off the mark.

Also, consider where you are in life currently and the timeframe in which you're hoping to see a resolution to the questions you have. If you're currently having overwhelming financial difficulties, asking "Will I become a millionaire in the morning?" may not make the most sense. Instead, be clear, concise and set realistic parameters. "Will I see an improvement in my finances over the next 3 months?" is a much better question. Same thing with love and relationship questions. "Will my ex return?" is kind of a broad question. "Will my ex return within the next 2 months?" is more specific.

Last tip on maximizing your personal tarot reading experience, understand that energy is fluid. Things can always change! Whether the change occurs with you personally or around you depends on The Universe. So if there are aspects you would love to see come to fruition from your reading, give it time. If there are thing's you'd like to change, work on it, & give it time for the energy to shift. What will be, simply will be. Everything happens in Divine Timing.

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